Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease

Chiropractic Cullman AL Degenerative Disc Disease

Is Degenerative Disc Disease as bad as it sounds?

Let's start with the facts

  1. It is not really a disease, it is a condition
  2. Chances of having it increase with age
  3. Smokers have a higher chance of having it at a younger age
  4. Being overweight is a major contributory factor

The term Degenerative Disc Disease is very miss-leading and often confuses a patients because it sounds like a progressive, very threatening disease. When is all actuality it is not a disease but a condition. Some common questions that a patient that has been told they have Degenerative Disc Disease may ask are:

  1. Will this become a crippling condition?
  2. Should I restrict my daily activities?
  3. Can I still play sports?
  4. Will this "disease" spread to other parts of my spine?
  5. Can it cause any permanent damage?

The truth is that when we are born our spinal discs are made up of 80% water, as we age our discs dry out. Most people have some form of Degenerative Disc Disease by the time they reach their fifties. Disc degeneration is a natural part of aging, however not all people will develop symptoms. In fact, Degenerative Disc Disease is variable in its nature and severity.

Some Symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease are as follows:

  • Increased pain with sitting
  • Increased pain with bending, lifting and twisting
  • Pain relief with laying down or changing positions

So Where Does The Pain Come From?

As the disc degenerate (IE:Loose Height) it causes jamming of the Facet Joints which support movement of the spine. Most of the pain fibers and motion sensors are located in the Facet Joints.Proper joint mobilization will reduce the fixation and chronic pain. This is one major season why pain killers, muscle relaxers and steroids only help for a short period of time.

There are many ways to treat the symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease; Chiropractic spinal manipulation, spinal decompression, heat, ice, ultrasound and muscle stimulation. If you think that you may have symptoms of Degenerative Disc Disease and would like further information or treatments, please contact us at Tankersley Chiropractic Clinic (256)737-9999 to make an appointment.


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