What’s In Your Beef

What's In Your Beef

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Zilmax - A beef improvement technology used to add weight and value to the entire US beef industry.

Fact or Fiction?

Zilmax is a pharmaceutical feed supplement that enables an animal's natural metabolism to more efficiently convert feed energy to lean, healthy, delicious beef. Million of head of cattle have been supplemented with Zilmax, providing beef for hundreds of millions of people, with zero human safety issues or animal safety issues.


85% of all feed lots use Zilmax which is designed to improve production efficiencies in both steers and heifers during the last 20 days of the feeding period prior to harvest. Zilmax-fed cattle showed an improvement in carcass weight gain of 24-33 pounds. The additional beef from two Zilmax supplemented cattle supports the annual beef consumption for one US consumer.


Zilmax has been used globally for over fourteen years, in countries including South Africa, Mexico, Canada, USA and South Korea. Zilmax is NOT for use in animals intended for breeding. DO NOT allow horses or other equines access to feeds containing Zilpaterol. DO NOT use in veal calves. The active ingredient in Zilmax is Zilpaterol Hydrochloride. NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS! You should wear eye protection, skin protection, gloves, and respiratory protection when handling Zilmax. Animals receiving Zilmax may exhibit increased respiratory rate as well as elevated levels of creatine phosphokinase and creatinine.

Dr. Recommendations

It is recommended that you purchase your beef, pork and chicken from a locally sourced vendor that feeds only grain and grass to their animals and uses little to no antibiotics for the best tasting and safest quality meat.


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