Respiratory Tract Illness During The First Year Of Life

Respiratory Tract Illness During The First Year Of Life

Chiropractic Cullman AL Respiratory Track Illness

1. Children that have dogs at home were healthier (had fewer respiratory tract symptoms or infections) than children with no dog contacts by 31%.

2. Children having dog contacts at home had less frequent otitis (by 44%) and tended to need fewer courses of antibiotics (by 29%) than children without dogs.

3. "Dog contacts may have a protective effect on respiratory tract infections during the first year of life."

4. During the first year of life, animal contacts are important, possibly leading to resistance to infectious respiratory illnesses during childhood.

5. Breast-feeding reduces the risk of infant respiratory infections.

6. Parents who smoke increase the risk of infant respiratory infections.

7. Children who had dog or cat contacts at home were significantly healthier during the study period. They had fewer weeks with cough, otitis, and rhinitis.

8. Having dog contacts had a more significant protective role on respiratory infectious disease than did having a cat contact. Having a cat contact had an overall protective effect, although weaker than dog ownership.

9. Other studies have shown that cat or dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk of gastroenteritis, indicating a "real relationship exists between animal contacts and the frequency of infections among children."

10. Evidence suggests that animal contacts might be crucial in immunity developing along a nonallergic route and in ensuring effective responses to respiratory viral infections in early life.

11. Animal contacts could help to mature that immunologic system, leading to more composed immunologic responses and shorter duration of infections.

Just as muscles become stronger with exercise, the immune system becomes stronger when it is exposed to a variety of pathogens. More so, when the immune system is exposed to a variety and increased number of pathogens early in life, it is stronger for the rest of that person's life. Pets, especially dogs, improve the function of children's immune system, reducing the incidence of respiratory and other infections.

These concepts are reviewed in a book titled: Why Dirt is Good

By immunologist Mary Ruebush, 2008


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